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CBS Journalist Sells Weed to Make a Living — Posted to Heeb Magazine on 10/08/10

Police arrested a Jewish husband and wife, Howard Arenstein and Orly Azoulay, after finding 11 marijuana plants and six 2-ounce bags of weed in their Georgetown home, the Washington Jewish Week reports.

Arenstein is a radio bureau manager for CBS News, Washington and Azoulay is a Washington correspondent for the popular Israeli newspaper Yediot Achronot.

The police responded to a complaint that pot was being grown on the couple’s property. When the police entered the home they found 8-foot-tall marijuana plants in the yard, according to D.C. police spokesman Lt. Nicholas Breul.

The couple was subsequently arrested early Saturday morning but was released on their own recognizance later that day. Azoulay released a statement to the Israeli press, saying, “The whole issue was blown out of proportion and the facts will be made clear in the future.” How being arrested for possessing almost a dozen 8-foot-tall pot plants and about a pound of marijuana is a situation that is “blown out of proportion,” is not clear.

But what’s really fucked up about all of this is that two highly respected journalists working for internationally renowned news outlets have to sell drugs to make a living. If they can’t support themselves by working at CBS and Yediot Achronot, what the hell am I going to do?


Pot Grower Relies on the Nuremberg Defense — Posted to Heeb Magazine on 06/28/10

“Adolf Hitler made me grow it,” Darin Badami claimed when cops busted him for growing marijuana in his Nebraska home Wednesday, Toke of the Town reports. The Omaha Police Department came to Badami’s house for a court-ordered search.

During their search they found an undisclosed amount of weed, which Badami, 42, admits belonged to him. According to ABC in Omaha, he explained to the police, he was “just following orders.”