Jesus Destruction Roundup — Posted to Heeb Magazine on 06/15/10

As you might have noticed on Gawker this morning, Ohio’s “Touchdown Jesus,” a six-story,  steel and plastic statue of Jesus was struck by lightning Monday night, leaving only a metal skeleton behind. But it is just one in a long line of current Jesus icon incidents.

For instance:

In what may be considered the most painful case of rhinoplasty surgery of all time, a bronze and gold statue of Jesus hooked up to a truck was recently dragged through a Maine town.  “Jesus lost his nose,” one churchgoer said.

In Brazil, the Church is suing 2012 filmmaker Roland Emmerich for his fictional demolition of the famous Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue.

In Martin, Tennessee, a statue of Jesus hugging-a-soldier has been vandalized. The road-side Jesus was first covered with graffiti in 2006. Now it has been dismembered.

And finally, this store-front-Jesus has regularly been the target of vandalism, but this time they got his head.


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