Dutch Cops New Enforcement Tactic: Jewface — Posted on Heeb Magazine on 06/21/10

Police officers will begin wearing yarmulkes and other religious attire to catch Dutch Jew haters in the act of physical or verbal assault, according to the newspaper Het Parool.  The new strategy was announced after Jewish broadcasting company Joodse Omroep released footage of several Muslim teenagers “heiling Hitler” at a rabbi as he walked down a street in Amsterdam. In 2009, there were more attacks against Jews than ever before in the Netherlands. According to The Daily Telegraph, the situation is so bad that in several Amsterdam neighborhoods Jews cannot even cross the street wearing yarmulkes.

Similar impersonation tactics have been used in the Netherlands for catching people who attack the elderly, prostitutes and gay people, Haaretz reported. Whether the new enforcement strategy will reduce crime against Jews or just end up with a bunch of cops unwittingly being corralled into Dutch minyans remains to be seen.


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