Droll British Comedy Imagines a Hitler Controled England…With Puppets

British brothers, Edward and Rory McHenry, have created an alternative to the standard account of the Battle of Britain… with puppets.

That is right, the film, Jackboots in Whitehall, puts forth a retelling of WWII in which a puppet-Hitler, voiced by Alan Cumming, of “Cabaret” and X-Men 2 fame, has taken over England. It is up to small-villager Chris, voiced by Ewan McGregor, to save the day and stop him from drilling through the English Channel into London. 

“It is a World War II comedy epic,” co-director Rory McHenry said in an interview with ScreenRush. “Using puppets.” The film features the voices of Timothy Spall as Winston Churchill, Tom Wilkinson as Goebbels, and Rosamund Pike as McGregor’s love-interest, Daisy.


Jackboots will debut at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 20.


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